PocketEyes "Pince Nez" Reading Glasses

Reading glasses that you carry on your key-chain.


Never again be caught without your reading glasses. Use Pocket Eyes for all those occasions when you suddenly need your reading glasses.

 PERFECT for Restaurants, Travel, Theater, Waiting Rooms and much more.


 Additional Features:

 High Quality. Made in USA. Lenses are manufactured from the finest optical grade materials and are hard coated to prevent scratching.

 Fully Adjustable. The stainless steel center piece can be slid into the lens notches to create a comfortable setting for just about any nose.

 Carry Pouch. The soft pouch has an inner divider to protect the lenses when they are folded and put away. There is also a Velcro closure to keep your glasses safely inside and a metal eyelet to attach the included key ring.

 Available in Two Strengths.   +2.0  and  +2.5. If you normally use an in-between strength, you can easily use the next higher strength.

 Price:   Just $12.95 each. 

 Shipping and handling:   $3.95 (per order ).  (U.S. Only)



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How to reach us:

Gilfor Distributing - 72 Villa Drive - Warminster, PA  18974

Phone (215) 205-6175----------E-Mail = dgilfor@pocketeyes.com

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